The Secret to Transforming your Outfit: part 1

It only takes one piece! 

Thankful for a mom who dressed us to the nines for every occasion! It was the 80s after all, and that was still a thing. I've been obsessed with this transformative piece of a wardrobe for as long as I can remember which I feel is represented well in this image. (I'm the little one down in the front!)

It still applies today. My fascination for how a coat completely transforms your whole look is astonishing! (the same can be said for shoes as well... they will make or break a look and I'll create a post on that later.)
For now, let's focus on the glory that is the coat!
I go into it on my YouTube how you can transform one basic outfit to meet multiple occasions and personalities. I also show you how only one coat and transform many outfits; making them all look pulled together and complete. 
These are the classics that are worth investing in:
- camel wool 
- black wool
- denim jacket
- camel or khaki trench
- leather
- fur
Adding a "third piece" always enhances an outfit, but can I tell you a little secret?
You could be wearing sweats and sneakers and just by adding one of these coats/jackets, you'll instantly look like you know what you're doing!
When in doubt- throw on a classic!
This is also helpful in where to splurge and save. For me, splurges are on coats and shoes. Coats and shoes are instantly noticeable and either elevate or take away from the overall look.
People will notice the outer layers first. 
Quality coats will last forever! I just visited with my aunt and told her I loved her coat. She told me it was my great-grandmother's who wore it on the ship she took leaving Europe to come to America. I could tell it was quality, such quality that I almost didn't touch it because it looked like it belonged in a museum! 
While she re-lined it and switched out the buttons, the actual jacket was in pristine condition. 
Coats do marvelous work for us if we pick the right ones. Head on over to my YouTube and see it in action!