Transitioning to Spring

Welcome to March! Spring is this month, friends!  However, if you're in any place like New England where it is still on and off winter for awhile, it can be a tricky in-between time for dressing. 

Since that's the case, here are just a few ways to get you in the spirit of spring while winter is hanging on...





One of the best ways to dress during early spring is to layer. Since it's usually cold in the morning then warms up in the afternoon, I find third pieces to be quite helpful:

  1. Drop Shoulder Coat - in Sienna Linen: breathable fabric in a color that works for spring and fall. Put it over a sweater on the cooler days or just over a pretty spring cami. You can even toss an extra coat over your shoulders for added warmth then shed it for the afternoon.
  2. London Swing Coat- in Linen Leopard: breathable fabric that keeps you warm when it's cool and cool when it's warm!  Same as the Drop Shoulder, works over a sweater or just a blouse/cami; spring and fall
  3. Lee Jacket- in Plaid: a linen and rayon mix; fully lined. It's bracelet length sleeve lets your wrists breath when it gets warm (then give it a good push up your arm as the day warms up)

Trends to Try: the Classics (oxymoron?)

Colors and textures are going to play a huge role in feeling like it's springtime! Light color tones (including switching to a lighter denim), florals, nautical styles, soft fabrics, linens, etc. can make it feel lighter and warmer even when it's cold out. 





  1. Studio Coat: this pink velvet has a feeling of spring in its color and softness. The silk lined velvet keeps you warm.
  2. Carolyn Sweater: (shown in cream, we are carrying the Lattea) I love this one! Good for light warmth, so layer under and over depending on the day. Bonus: This is a great piece for cooler summer nights over a tank and shorts.
  3. Tambora Cami: a great start to layering with the spring floral vibe. Layer over it for now (with Nakshi Coat , Maggie Cardigan, or the London coat) and then wear it as is for summer.
  4. V&A Top and Trousers: for slightly warmer spring days, the flow and cut of the material allows for a nice spring breeze, yet covers most of you to protect from too cold of a breeze.
  5. Polka Dot Blouse: the classic polka dot! Long sleeves for the cooler morning (also great to layer over this), then roll it up for when it's warmer. It's a very thin material allowing for breathability.



Scarves are my favorite way to transition! I'm typically cold, so having this easy-to-shed layer is a must!

This top scarf is made of pure linen, so wrap it up multiple times around your neck to stay warm, or just wear it draped once as it warms up.

The silk scarf can be sweetly tied on the neck for warmth, then transition to wearing it in your hair or on your wrist as the afternoons warm up. (Or even tie it on your bag for fun!) The classic stripes on this Iconic Scarf is perfect for spring.

In addition to scarves, jewelry and bags are a great way to feel like it's spring:



Add to it:

What are your favorite ways of transition to spring? 



all photos are either my own or the brands (with permission)


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